Why Your Child Is Moody And What You Can Do About It

As a parent, you never really get used to the way your child goes from being excited and happy one moment to whining or even throwing a full-on temper tantrum the next. Those are the moments that remind you that your little boy or girl is a complete human being with intense emotions — just like you. The difference is you know how to handle these feelings, while your little one doesn’t. You can help your child manage their mood swings by knowing what causes them and how to defuse them. This post will share some helpful information.

In our world of technology, our children are exposed to a lot of devices that impact their moods. The following post takes a closer look at the situation:

Is Your Child Moody And Angry? Maybe It’s Time For A Screentime Reset

You may have seen it in your own child – a complete overreaction and utter agitation to a request you’ve made. It took you aback, left you puzzled.

Or perhaps you’ve noticed increased sibling rivalry and shows of aggression. Does your child have an obsession with a show or game? Is there a total lack of attention when you’re talking to them? It may have given you serious pause.

Maybe you’ve even wondered if your child has a mental or mood disorder. It seems like doctors diagnose every other child these days with such a malady.

But is it always that? Read more at Child Teen Family Therapy…

Any good thing needs to be used with moderation, including the over-stimulating smartphones, TVs and other devices. If your child has exceeded the limits, it’s time to hit “Reset.”

dealing with a moody child

Clearly, electronic devices aren’t the only thing that can cause moodiness in children. Another factor is food — a poor diet can also cause bad moods, as highlighted in the following post:

5 Foods That Negatively Affect Your Child’s Mood

Parents intuitively know that food can impact their child’s behavior and mood. We know that sweets, for example, can cause bouts of hyperactivity. But mood-altering food isn’t limited to sugar – there are other culprits in the snacks and meals that we feed our little ones. The following five foods are the most common contributors to mood and behavioral changes in children.

1. Dairy – If your child is lactose intolerant or allergic to the proteins found in dairy, you may see changes in her mood and behavior. Many children become irritable, cranky, or aggressive. Children with dairy allergies or intolerance also tend to suffer from frequent colds and ear infections. Babies may exhibit colicky symptoms, whereas toddlers and older children may become inconsolable and irritable. Read more at Child Development Institute…

Tracking what your child eats and the corresponding behavior will help you detect the types of food that cause mood disturbances. This will prevent incidences of misdiagnosis.

dealing with a moody child

While you can do a few things to prevent the outbreak of a bad mood, what do you do if your child is already in a bad mood? The following post offers some tips:

7 Helpful Tips For Dealing With Moody Children

Are you surprised to see your child throwing tantrums and sulking in the corner? Well, worry not. It’s quite common in children. Contrary to popular belief that mood swings happen only in adults, children do tend to get moody and sullen.

Children get moody at times because of their inability to vent out their frustrations and disappointments. While it often gets frustrating to deal with a moody child, you have no options but to handle your little one.

Child development experts suggest that moodiness in children is very common. It is just that some tend to be more moody than the others. Read more at Mom Junction…

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dealing with a moody child

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