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About Us

Spanish for fun! Cary, NC!

Our 5-star program is designed to help students become bilingual at very young age, giving them a tremendous learning advantage for the future.
Our students learn Spanish in a very natural way; playing and having fun.

Sff! Cary developed their program in a nurturing and safe environment appropriate for infants and for children of preschool age. Our strengths include dedicated and enthusiastic Teachers, who teach their native language respecting the rhythm and development of each child.

 Cary, where diversity and learning meet fun!!

directors spanish for fun daycare

Spanish for fun! Owners, Gabriela and Rob Lowry

Our Philosophy

Spanish for fun! Cary knows children are capable of anything when they are provided with the right educational tools and guidance. Our play–based curriculum, which is taught entirely in Spanish, gives students the tools they need to become academically successful in both Spanish and English. Additionally, we also know that nurturing a child’s social emotional state is just as important. Therefore, we expose students to all 5 love languages (based off Dr. Gary Chapman’s research) to help their social-emotional development. Spanish for fun!’s unique curriculum, which borrows from Spanish immersion curriculum, international curriculum and North Carolina’s early education creative curriculum, paired with our emotional development methods is the Spanish for fun difference!

Sff! Recognizes that play is very important for a child’s development. According to the National Association for the Education of Young Children there is much more to play than meets the eye. Along with reducing stress and childhood obesity, play has shown to help children to develop cognitive skills, with vocabulary acquisition, social skills and more.

Meet The Director

Ingrid Prado center director

Ingrid Prado , Center Director

Born in Lima, Peru, studied Business Administration and worked in the banking sector, proven her abilities at every level of responsibility.  Emigrating to the US in 2003, she took a leadership position with ABM Services. However, she wanted a more rewarding career. In 2007, she found that reward in teaching in Spanish for fun!. Her passion and skills helped her quickly move from Assistant Teacher in 2007, to Infant Lead Teacher in 2008, to Assistant Director in 2011, to Director the following year. In that time she has also earned her credentials in Early Childhood Education, achieved Administrative Certification and is studying to earn a degree in Early Childhood Education. She has always had a passion for children.

Our Teachers

daycare teachers

Passionate, Professional
and Nurturing.

Cary Sff! teachers provide a supportive atmosphere that encourages children to develop physically, socially, emotionally, and cognitively. Our staff also cultivates relationships with parents through involvement and communication.

Our curriculum is taught entirely in Spanish so your child will learn Spanish in a fun, natural way. Children exposed to other cultures are inspired to explore a world beyond their own. Therefore, our bilingual teachers are trained in the latest language acquisition teaching methods. 

Spanish for fun has been one of the best
decisions that my wife and I have ever made.

-Jason and Charlene Cassidy

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tour cary daycare center

Want to know if Sff! is the right fit for your family? We understand that choosing the right childcare program for your family can feel overwhelming. We encourage you to take a tour of your desired location so that you can check out the facilities, meet the staff and learn more about our unique curriculum. We are looking forward to meeting you!

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