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Daycare in Cary NC Spanish for fun

Welcome To Spanish for fun!
Daycare & Preschool in Cary, NC!

Play. Discover. Share.

The active learning environment at our Spanish for fun! Cary campus encourages students to develop their bilingual skills. Students become a partof an ongoing intercultural dialogue that allows them to appreciate their own cultural identities and embrace those of others. All this is done through playing, discovering and sharing.

Our proven teaching method is completely based on fun. Research indicates that young children learn best and most when at play. That is why we have brought together a team of highly qualified and passionate early childhood educators that play a crucial role in facilitating learning activities that are both engaging and creative through our interactive curriculum. Our success is evident in the fact that students view their time with us as playtime. As a result, students effortlessly gain benefits such as learning another language, developing cultural awareness, and building their cognitive and social skills. They don’t view it as learning; they view it as fun.

One of the ways we promote our students’ emotional well-being is through the adoption of Dr. Gary Chapman’s Five Love Languages, outlined in his cutting-edge book of the same title. If you’re looking for a superior preschool whose approach to education and child care is holistic, then look no further than Spanish for fun!

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Our Programs & Curriculum

full time preschool

Full-Time Preschool

In addition to superior childcare, Spanish for fun! students get a bonus benefit; they are taught Spanish, the language as well as the culture, by our highly skilled early childhood educators in an immersive environment. Our students flourish as they develop their social, linguistic and cognitive skills thanks to the play-based instruction method that we implement. Research has repeatedly proven the fact that children who are bilingual have developmental advantages when compared to their monolingual peers. Suchbenefits tend to be life-long, and include greater educational achievement, increased employment prospects and better performance at work, as well as a global mindset that enables them to appreciate and celebrate diversity.

kids summer camp

Summer Camp

Young children thrive when they are consistently discovering new things and activities that encourage them to stay active both physically and mentally. That is exactly what our summer camp program is for – to keep children fully engaged as they learn, read, think creatively and speak Spanish. Campers get to further develop the skills they acquired in the course of the school year, and getting a lot of fun while at it. Various outdoor adventures are included, such as nature expeditions, picnics, water activities and our “GoingGreen” recycling program, where children discover that learning can indeed be fun. When they go back to complete the school year, students pick up where they left off in the curriculum effortlessly.

story time for kids

Spanish Story Time

Spanish storytime is a free program that is open to the public, and that combines Spanish language and literacy. We welcome all parents and caregivers, as well as anyone in the community that would like to learn more about what we do, to join us in an educational and fun weekly event. One of the goals of this program is to expose students to written Spanish, so that they can read and understand it. Teachers help students learn by emphasizing important ideas and words using voice intonations, hand gestures and facial expressions. They also encourage student to predict whathappens next in a story to rouse their curiosity. Students also participate by drawing similarities between real life occurrences and the situations described in the stories.

mommy and me, daddy and me

Parent and Me

Parent and Me is designed for parents that want their children, from nine months to one year old, to receive a supplementary bilingual education. This is the perfect opportunity for parents to give their young ones a smooth transition into preschool, since mothers, father, guardians and grandparents get to participate. The program is meant to boost early learning while developing socializations skills, as well as building independence and confidence. Some of the activities you can expect area baby massage, baby yoga, music and reading, and all these with a backdrop of Spanish immersion.

Cost: A one-time registration fee of $45, and 8 classes every month at $96 per month.

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I thought it would be hard to put my baby in daycare but all the teachers are amazing. The activities are incredible. I feel like the kids get so much more out of this daycare. Loving and professional…exactly what we wanted! So glad we made this decision.

Paige R, FaceBook Review

Our whole family loved SFF. The teachers are fantastic and caring. The staff did truly feel like family. The education or daughter received has more than prepared her for kindergarten. In our opinion you can’t find a better place.

Stirling A, FaceBook Review

When I drop off and pick up if does not feel that I am leaving my little girl with employees of a childcare facility, but that I am leaving her with extended family, and that gives me such joy and peace of mind.

Juanita H, Google Review

Great staff that truly love and care for children. I can’t say enough good things about this facility!!!

Lauren L, Google Review

I highly recommend SFF in Cary and won’t doubt for a second about putting my next kid here when the time comes.

Honey T, Google Review
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